The Differences In Popular Blackjack Games

Blackjack, sometimes referred to as "21", is by far one of the most loved casino games of all time in Canada. There are many different popular blackjack games that people enjoy, including pontoon, perfect pairs, switch and even Spanish 21. Each of these offers up a twist on the standard rules of play and makes a traditional classic feel shiny and new.


While pontoon is not found in every establishment, it is quite well-known and follows the rules to which most people have grown accustomed. The only real differences lie in the lingo (for instance a natural two-card 21 is referred to as "pontoon") and the way in which the cards are dealt. Normally, five to eight participants are seated at a table and eight standard decks are used.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect pairs is an easy and fresh variant that uses the classic rules and has the same objective, but there is an optional side bet that participants can place prior to the first deal. This wager follows along with table limits and allows individuals to stake on their first two cards being a pair. It doesn't matter which pair, though some variations of this have higher payouts for pairs that are the same suit or the same color.


Switch is another of the most popular blackjack games as it forces participants to split their hands from time to time. Users are dealt two hands and must place wagers on each, but they are allowed to move their cards around to build even better hands. Before getting started, though, it is important to check out some Switch strategies so that individuals know which moves are best in any given situation.

Spanish 21

This is one of the youngest popular blackjack games as it was developed by a casino employee back in 1995. It gets its name because it uses a Spanish deck - all of the traditional cards are present but all of the 10s have been removed. It is thought that this puts the casino at a disadvantage, and this means that individuals can expect lower-than-normal payouts when they win.

Vegas Strip

This variation gets its name because it is the one most commonly found on the Vegas Strip. It is almost identical to its conventional counterpart, but some of the rules have been altered slightly. For instance, users can only split Aces once, only one more card will be provided after the split, and doubling is not allowed once the split has taken place. What's more, it uses only four decks as opposed to the more traditional six or eight.

The good news is that people don't have to spend their hard-earned money in land-based casinos to find out just how much fun these popular blackjack games can be. They can play for free online prior to placing real-money wagers to get a feel for the differences in the variations.